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 *Important* All Applicants Must Read Before

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PostSubject: *Important* All Applicants Must Read Before   Tue Aug 15, 2006 5:23 pm

Another point: IF YOU HAVE NO SENCE OF HUMOR AND CAN'T TAKE JOKES DO NOT APPLY. This seems to be a reoccuring problem among people across many servers. I'd rather not have a guild of overly mature, sterile members who cannot take a few jokes here and there. Expect them. But do not come to the guild with the "im always right attitude." It will be a sure way to get kicked out.

And do not try to "side lead" Trying to tell the guild leader or an officer how they should run the guild is not the best way to go about things, put forth suggestions but don't tell us what we should and shouldn't do. Its an easy way to pissed off a person when it shouldn't be happening.

Also, remember your views on a class are just your opinion, trying to defend a class on a particular point is ok but you have to remember that classes role in endgame NOT in groups. Druids do not DPS except for the occational stormcloud or two on large packs, otherwise they heal. Paladins, you do not get even remotely close to a boss to DPS, you are here to heal and dont give me the "but im retribution spec." As far as we are concerned you are healing spec.

Also remember, If you are playing a different class then your old server, get it into your head that you should only offer suggestions to others playing the same class. Not totally debunk their view of how to play their class with your "know it all" view. Suggestions are nice but don't tell them.

A Full List of the rules can be found Please read these before you place an application. Guild Rules.

If you are applying to Centuriata there are a few requirements you must meet. Since the server is new and we are still building we want to get dedicated members. We want you to enjoy yourself but also remember that we are going to be a raiding guild. From here and well into the expansion. This isn't going to be hard but we ask the following of all applicants and members.

- A friendly attitude. Try not to be rude and give the guild a bad name. While we strive to the best lets not forget we want to be kind about it.

- Dedication. I know some people will be put off at alot of things as the guild grows and the server develops but let me say, the Centuriata is a guild that has a dedicated leader and is dedicated to the goals of the guild.

Currently we are looking for: All Classes / Races / Specs
Warrior and Mage Recruitment is closed at present.
there is a Level 50 limitation at present. Talent alternations will be needed as we approach endgame.

Do not apply if you do not have any intention on staying with us, we want people to grow together in raiding as a family and not strife each other.

For those wanting raiding times and information. Raids are planned to begin at 8 PM EST with invites going out at 7:30 to 7:45, please be on time if you can.

For those who also want to do pvp, World PVP guild events will be planned as well on off days.

Application Process:

Anyone wishing to join the guild must first fill out an application. Applications will be sent to a officer only board for review. This is highly encourage. Your application will reflect your knowledge as well as your understanding of the raiding guild environment.

New Applicants will remain probationary applicants for 7 days (this will go up as we gain more active members), of grouping / raiding with the guild (do your best to group with members of the guild) During this stage, they are not actually in the guild. Guild members are encouraged to group with those applicants. For raids, applicants will not have priority or win loot over members. In smaller instances follow normal loot rules.

After the small grace period, if the officers do not believe there are any major problems s/he will be given a guild invite. At this time, you become an in-guild applicant, however you still cannot receive loot over members in raids. If you are applying to us, mention something about chocolate cake to tell us you have read and understand the rules.

Side Note: Druids and Paladins, you will be recruited for healing in raids, not dps. While it is not required that you spec for healing, be expected to be healing on all raids.


Recruiting is not only an officers job, it also falls down to you as a member to look out for potentially good players for the guild. If you group with someone that is un-guilded and you think would be a good addition to the guild, send them to the boards. If we recruit good people, then we will win out on events. Remember, this isn't to say we don't want to have 10 or so paladins or warriors in the guild but applications will be saved for a later time should a spot become available.


You will be recruited to the Centuriata with the character you applied with, not the alt you want to switch to down the road. This isn't to say switching isn't allowed. but it will be very rare. If you app as your priest, you will be expected to play that character in raids.

If there are any questions please contact Grummarth via this forum or in game.

Some Basic Rules visit the link at the top for more


If you don't know what respect means, the Centuriata is not the guild for you. It's pretty much a cliche by now, but respect plays an important role when dealing with others. You should show respect not only towards your guildmates, but also towards anyone else you encounter while wearing the Cenuriata guild tag. Anything you do while wearing the Centuriata tag can reflect on the guild itself. This does not mean we are against joking around and having fun, but there are some lines that should not be crossed and some common courtesies that should be followed while part of the guild.

Guild Chat:

If you're easily offended, Centuriata is not the guild for you. There will be swearing, there will be a few lewd jokes, there will be bickering. There is, however, a limit to the types of things that should be said in guild chat. Racism and other highly-offensive opinions will not be allowed. Also, try to keep controversial topics (such as religion, politics, etc) out of guild chat. If in doubt as to whether something "crosses the line" and should not be said in guild, it's better to just keep it to yourself.


Post away, it's why they're there. External boards, however, should be handled a little differently. Self congratulation posts are inappropriate on the realm and any other external forums. They serve no purpose, so don't make them. Also, remember, everything you do while wearing the guild tag reflects on the guild, so try to be as polite and respectful as possible when posting on server boards.


We will have a dedicated Ventrilo. It is not required that you join, but raid instructions will be relayed through there as it's a lot faster and easier than typing them out on the fly. While not required, it is highly reccomended that you do join, if only to listen for 20mans and 25 and 40 mans it will be required. Also, while you're in Ventrilo, you should follow the same guidlines for guild chat.
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PostSubject: Guild Goals   Wed Aug 16, 2006 1:23 pm

The Goals of the guild are simple really, as we will be focusing on endgame raids we will be progressing in order until we can effectively take down endgame bosses and events. If you have not done these instances before, I advise that you look them up for a base understanding at how some will go. If you have then there shouldn't be any problems.

( The current raid officer has raid knowledge up to the Twin Emporers in AQ40 )

UBRS: This I don't truely concider endgame but it is require to access some of the other endgame instances, IE Onyxia's Lair and Blackwing Lair.

Zul'Gurub: This is a 20 man raid instance and members will be rotated in and out as we progress though the instance. This will be not be handled via DKP however loot will be distrubuted via officer decision. and eventually rolls. Gearing up our main tank / and off tank will be essential for our success in higher instances. All members must be at least level 59. This instance can be difficult starting out but it should only take 2-3 weeks to work out properly. (Will be done as we start MC)

Molten Core: This is a 40 man raid instance. we should have enough members online to do this at least 38-39 at present all players must be at least level 59 in order to do MC. It shouldn't take more then a 3-4 weeks to get everyone used to it. You must be attuned to enter the core. Fire resist gear will be needed. Members and Applicants will be expected to get at least 100 FR or close to it when the time comes. (Will be done as we start ZG)

Onyxia's Lair: This is a 40 man raid, to start but can be done with less more well geared players. FR gear is suggested, Onyxia's Deep Breath will judge us. we will also be doing her whenever her reset is up before a raid, so be prepared for that. Onyxia Scale Cloaks will be set in priority for BWL mobs, in order. "Warriors, Priests, Rogues, Druids, Hunters, Warlocks, Mages, Paladins." Her Bag will be randomed.

Blackwing Lair: This should take at least 4 to 7 weeks to clear effectively, this is also an FR instance as well as the use of the Onyxia Scale Cloak for bosses further in.

World Dragons: These will be done at various times one of which could be 4pm EST to right before raid time depending on when and where they are. details of this will be expained as we get closer to doing them.

Kazzak: Also done at various times. This is also done the same as world dragons.

AQ20: The smaller of the AQ instances once the gates are opened, these will be done on offnights the same as ZG. The same rules apply to loot here as ZG.

AQ40: This is a 40 man instance the current 2nd hardest in the game, it will take at least 2 months if we aren't geared properly otherwise we can clear it effectively up to the emps or even C'thun.

Naxx: While the raid leader doesn't have to much knowledge on this 40 man raid, rest assured he will be learning what he can about it.

The guild's goals are set on a 4-5 month curve moving into the launch of the Burning Crusade Expansion. I advise all members that even though the launch will accure while we are still doing 40 mans, the 25 man raids in outlands will be worked into the raiding scedule.

CT Raid_Boss mod will be used for raids. Other mods will be listed soon.

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PostSubject: Re: *Important* All Applicants Must Read Before   Sun Aug 20, 2006 6:24 pm

Previous raid experience will be looked upon as well, although it is not required as we want old raiders as well as new ones to experience it together. PVPing is welcome but those that pvp must remember at raid times you will be expected to show.

Dedication is the key, we want everyone to be a dedicated member of the guild and not just some alt that you happen to make, or you join to try to get members to leave causing drama, this will be looked upon sorely. So please, remember if you are going to apply, make sure you will be an dedicated active player.

Projected raid days and times are: 7:30 Invites go out to start the raid at 8pm EST. Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are the projected days but these are subject to change. more Information about the guild and its goals is on our forum. It is updated regularly as the guild grows and sub rules and guidelines will be changed or added.

Quote: I will not say that we are the best, to be the best requires accomplishment. For use to achieve this we must work together as a team. People who can do that, are welcome here.

Guild Events are also available such as World PVP (these are scheduled, however guild members can also do this at random as well) In the future more events will be added also. Plans concerning the Burning Crusade Expansion have already been set and there will be no downsizing of the guild to accommodate the lesser size of the BC Raid Instances.
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PostSubject: Re: *Important* All Applicants Must Read Before   

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*Important* All Applicants Must Read Before
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